A Solution to Christmas Gifting: EGR in Action

Dated: 24 Nov 2011
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Do you have problems picking presents for your husband or boyfriend? Most people do, and they try to get their friends to decide something for then. Ironically, most of their “friends” have trouble picking presents themselves. Men have always wondered what women want. Conversely, women have always wondered what men want. Statistics has shown that aside from family and friends, cars are the most important thing to a man. Though eccentric, but men intrinsically possess the will to control and dominate, and cars offer such fulfillment. Cars are absolutely loyal to its owner as it performs all commands without hesitation. With that in mind, there is no reason to doubt that car-related products are one of the utmost top priorities on an average man’s wish list.

Your Christmas present problem has been solved, as AutomaxStyling.com provides a variety of products for trucks and cars. To celebrate Christmas, AutomaxStyling.com offers a promotional package: Purchase any set of EGR fender flares and get a set of EGR window deflectors (either 2 or 4, depending on the car) for free. In addition to freebies, there’s a 10% discount for all first time customers and free shipping. Don’t hesitate to put a big smile on your loved ones!

Window Deflectors to the Rescue

Dated: 22 Nov 2011
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The (Un)funny Joke

There’s a joke circulating on the internet. There was a man who was driving on the road with his window opened. He was very tired and yawned. A gust appeared and blew a bug into his mouth. Of course, a joke being a joke, he swallowed it, and it tasted like chicken. Perhaps this not-so-funny joke is deeper than it may seem at the first glance. Though exaggerated, this joke does exemplify the nuisance from various elements when all you ask for is some fresh air. Deflectors such as Toyota Tundra Windows Deflector, Ford-150 Windows Deflector and Dodge Ram Windows Deflector provide protections against those irritants.

For the Look

Window deflectors make cars look more streamline, giving it a sharp, on-the-mission touch. Appearance of the car is just as important as the appearance of a person. Everyone make assumptions based on the cars people drive. For example, 99% of the population would not expect a muscle jock to drive a smart. Similarly, few would assume that a graceful runway model drives a jeep wrangler. Window deflectors give your car a slick, swagger attitude, bringing your personality out in public.

The Function

Aside from the cool look, window deflectors serve important functions. First, it reduces window glare, a type of condition that impairs driver’s vision significantly. Second, window deflectors prevents window fogging, which is another hazardous condition that endangers the driver. Lastly, window deflectors allow drivers to enjoy fresh air at all weather, and there is no need to exalt the benefits of fresh air.


Window Flare

Auto Accessories and the Lipstick Effect

Dated: 11 Nov 2011
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Consumer Demand Overview

In July 2011, the SEMA consumer demand index decreased from 38 to 28 when compared to the same period in 2010.  This index has a profound effect on the demand for aftermarket auto accessories such as billet grilles and nerf bars.  Studies indicate a direct correlation between the demand for accessories and new car sales.  In general, weaker new car sales result in drastically weaker consumer demand for auto accessories and other luxury automotive items.

Only 8% of surveyed drivers said they plan to purchase aftermarket auto parts sometime within the next 3 months.  This number becomes even more jarring when you examine the consumer demand for specific classes of auto parts.

Of the drivers surveyed, only 4% intend to purchase wheels, tires and suspension components.  4% plan to purchase specialty accessories and appearance products, and 3% plan to purchase racing and performance parts.


Kiss Much?

In spite of the economic downturn in recent years, L’Oreal Paris, a popular cosmetics company, experienced a significant growth in sales over the last 2 quarters.  This counterintuitive effect has become known as the “lipstick effect.”  Simply stated, the lipstick effect is the tendency of consumers to purchase increased quantities of lower-budget luxury items during times of economic stress.  These small, comfort items create a sense of well-being which even cash-strapped consumers can enjoy.  Automax Styling encourages car enthusiasts in America to take part in this positive outlook on life.  While it’s economically sensible to postpone large restyling projects until the economy improves, there is no reason why you can’t indulge in some small purchases now.

Automax Styling

Automax Styling is providing a number of special offers to consumers, to help ease the economic burden of these small luxury purchases.  Accessories have been marked down 60%, and performance parts have been marked down 40%, giving unprecedented availability for even Get free shipping on all items in store, and take advantage of $10, $25, and $30 instant rebate certificates.  In addition, Automax Styling is offering 10% off discounts for Westin nerf bars, APS billet grilles, APS bull bars, EGR deflectors, Curt trailer hitches, Extang tonneau covers, and Husky floor mats.


Nerf Bar and Other Auto Accessories: How Much Do You Spend on Your Car or Truck?

Dated: 31 Oct 2011
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The Home Wrecker

Recently, Truxedo Tonneau Cover asked its customers on Facebook ‘what do you name your truck’? One of the most entertaining answers came from a guy who answered that he had named his truck “Home Wrecker”. He went on to explain that he’d chosen the name because he spends more money on his truck than on hiswife.

While that may be pretty funny, how does this guy stack up against the national average? Let’s find out. A study published in 2011 by SEMA shows that on average, pickup truck owners spend $761 on accessories in the first year they purchase their truck.  Sports car owners spend around $703, midsize car owners spend around $418, and lastly Minivan owners spend around $301. It’s clear that truck owners spend the most.

Accessory spending by vehicle (top 10)

According to this same study, Dodge Ram trucks rank number 1, followed by Mini-cooper, Jeep, Volvo, BMW, Mitsubishi, GMC, Audi, Ford and lastly Infiniti. It’s rather surprising that Chrysler, Chevy and Toyota didn’t make the top 10. The study did not reveal what accesories were actually bought. But popular Dodge Ram accessories include black nerf bars, Westin Platinum 4” oval nerf bars, EGR Bug shields & EGR window deflectors.

Accessory spending by geography

Denver is number 1 in accessories spending on new vehicles followed by Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, L.A., Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Daytona.  Again, it’s surprising to me that N.Y., Boston, Miami didn’t make top 10.

Truck accessories that won’t break the bank

All this talk about spending must raise some hairs on your back given today’s economy. But have no fear, these truck accessories are value priced at AutomaxStyling.com and we promise they won’t break the bank.

  • 3” round black nerf bar from Automax Styling starts from $138.11
  • Westin E-Series 3” round stainless steel nerf bar starts from $181.09
  • 4” oval black carbon steel nerf bar starts from $133.11
  • Westin Platinum 4” oval stainless steel nerf bar starts from $168.34
  • EGR Bug shields start from $56.42
  • EGR window deflector starts from $39.85
  • APS stainless steel bull bar starts from $148.11

Your Girlfriend is a Mustang and My Wife is a Corolla

Dated: 28 Oct 2011
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I recently saw this post on a forum:

My wife is like a TV. Your girlfriend is like a cell phone. I stay home to watch T.V. but you always go out with your cell phone. I turn my T.V on occasionally. But your cellphone is always on and you can’t stop fooling around with it. But at the end of the day, my T.V will stay with me for at least 20 or 30 years. Cell phones get stolen by other people and they rarely last over a year.

What a thought provoking piece! Now how do you take that and apply it to cars? Here’s my best try:

My wife is like a 5 passenger seat Toyota Corolla. Your girlfriend is like a Mustang V6. My Toyota Corolla is reliable and low on maintenance. Your Mustang V6 has all the bells and whistles, but it’ll cost you an arm and leg for repairs. All a Toyota Corolla needs are some practical car accessories,  like front and rear EGR window deflectors, and some Husky floor liners. A Mustang V6 on the other hand, you have got to mac out and throw paper at it. Nothing short of a stainless steel mesh grille, exhaust tips and a brand new air intake system will do. And finally, a Toyota Corolla will last me at least 20 years, whereas the Mustang 5 years if you are lucky.

How Much Chrome Accessories Is Too Much Chrome?

Dated: 24 Oct 2011
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Chrome Accessories– What are they?

Chrome accessories refer to auto and truck accessories that are coated with a thin layer of chromium. Chrome accessories are usually lightweight and have a shiny, mirror like finish. For instance, chrome door handles and chrome mirror covers are both cheaper and lighter than their stainless steel counterpart. Chrome accessories are not to be confused with auto and truck accessories that are made from solid metals, but are polished to have a chrome-like finish. For example, when someone says they want some bull bars with a chrome finish for their 2011 Toyota Tacoma they mean a set of stainless steel bull bars. When someone says they want a pair of nerf bar with a chrome finish they mean a pair of stainless steel nerf bars.


How much chrome is too much?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, if the reflection from your chrome accessories is sparking forest fires, or knocking satellites out of orbit, then you might have gone too far.

The best place to start with chroming your vehicle is with a pair of chrome finish nerf bars (running boards). They not only give you secure footing when you step out of the vehicle, but they add a tasteful bit of chrome to the side profile of your ride.  It doesn’t matter if you need a 2011 Jeep Wrangler nerf bar, or a 2011 Toyota Tundra nerf bar, AutoMaxStyling.com has what you’re looking for. And all of their items ship for free so you can bling up your ride, and not break the bank. Another good place is start is with a bull bar. A bull bar will keep the front of your ride safe from small dings, plus bull bars add that ‘cowboy bling factor’ to your ride. Another great chrome accessory is an EGR chrome bug deflector. It can transform the front of your ride from ordinary to eye catching instantly.