Ford F250 Getting a Boot

Dated: 15 Feb 2012
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Categoiry: Exterior Accessories, Fender Flares & Trim, Tonneau Covers

Recently, several sources sent us what they thought was an early look at the next-gen Ford Super Duty option package; however, in reality, after seeing the post by Dan Roth over at Autoblog, we now know the real story.

As you may have suspected, this was an advertising gimmick in celebration of L.L. Bean’s 100th anniversary, in which an F-250 Super Duty is dressed up to look like the world’s largest cold-weather duck hunting boot.

After being unveiled to L.L. Bean employees at the Brunswick, Maine, facility where the boots are made, the wheeled boot tribute headed to Times Square to kick off a nationwide anniversary tour.

Most important to auto enthusiasts might be what’s underneath it all. The underlying truck is a Super Duty Power Stroke with a fiber glass body that stands 13 feet tall. The boot equates to a size 747 – perfect for a 143-foot-tall man.

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