2012 Mercedes ML350 Review

Dated: 7 Feb 2012
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The redesigned 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class impresses reviewers with its attractive exterior, powerful, yet fuel-efficient V6 engines and more standard features.

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class is completely new, and reviewers are happy about the changes they’ve seen so far. The consensus of the auto press for the 2011 model was that it was pricey, and its competitors offered better value. Mercedes-Benz must have taken these comments to heart, because the 2012 M-Class comes with a more extensive list of standard features and has the same base price as the outgoing model. “Mercedes-Benz continues to keep it fresh with an all-new version of its popular M-Class SUV. More powerful engines with better fuel economy, improved handling and new technologies are all ingredients to a prize-winning recipe,” writes Left Lane News. “That they are able to do it and add additional content while holding the line on price-creep is even more impressive.”

At the heart of the redesigned M-Class are two new V6 engines that reviewers praise for being powerful and refined. While early luxury midsize SUVs were lumbering, truck-based behemoths more suited to off-roading than car pool duty, they say that Mercedes distances the 2012 M-Class from these humble roots. Its comfortable ride and light-on-its-feet agility, coupled with improved fuel economy from both its gas-powered and diesel engines, have reviewers raving about this next-generation luxo-hauler.

The improvements aren’t just under the hood. Many of the interior and exterior changes are subtle, but reviewers are pleased with the direction Mercedes-Benz took with this redesign. They say the 2012 M-Class has been honed rather than reinvented, with ergonomic changes and new technologies that make the driving experience easier. Plus, the M-Class’ revised sheet metal helps it stand out as a Mercedes while updating its classic, two-box SUV silhouette.

Though the 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class certainly isn’t the best value in its class, it’s a vast improvement over the 2011’s status-symbol persona. While it’s still a Mercedes, and its brand name alone will lead many shoppers to the dealership, budget-conscious buyers can feel a little happier knowing that they can get more bang for their buck.

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