Nerf Bars- Where Can You Get Them Professionally Installed?

Dated: 26 Oct 2011
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Most nerf bars in the market today are a bolt-on style, meaning they have brackets that bolt on to the body of your vehicle and do not require any changes to the vehicle.  But a few nerf bars do require drilling, and this is the part novices want to avoid. Nerf Bars come with installation instructions no matter where you buy them from. But not all of us are handy with a wrench, in fact some of us can barely figure out how to put gas in the tank. So if you want to leave installing nerf bars up to the professionals, here’s how you do it.To find a local shop to install your nerf bars, simply go to Google and type in: your location (e.g. Orlando Florida) + services auto accessories installation.

You can also get your nerf bars installed at brick and mortar retailers with an in house service center.  Pep Boys will gladly install your nerf bars for around $100. But please be warned that dealers and specialty retailers sell parts at a much higher price than online retailers. So you can get your nerf bar installed at your local Pep Boys dealer, but please don’t purchase them there. For example; A pair of 4” stainless steel oval nerf bars for your Dodge Ram 1500 will cost $480 and up from Pep Boys. Whereas Automax Styling will sell those Dodge Ram 1500 nerf bars to you for $218.11, taxes and shipping included.